Straight Forward Reviews – Amerikarate # 6

Writer(s) – Brockton McKinney, Corey Kalman

Artist – Daniel Arruda Massa

Publisher – Action Lab Danger Zone

Review by Jeremias de Leon


Picking up after the crazy events of the previous issue, Sam laments the condition of his girlfriend and the death of his friend. Sam’s sadness over his girlfriend’s condition is surprisingly short lived. There’s even a clever use of his girlfriend’s condition to further the plot.

The last issue was far from bad but the writing in this feels like a step up and in the right direction. It did some different things that still totally feel in line with the series. There’s some great references to movies and the characters, though hilariously outlandish feel a bit more grounded.


The art is still wacky, colorful and a lot of fun to look at. There’s so much cartoon zaniness packed into it you can’t really look away until you’re done with the entire book. 


The creative team behind Amerikarate seemed to have been training as hard as Sam does during the making of this issue. It’s zany, over the top, and it still has a plot that it doesn’t lose sight of. The jokes hit as hard as Sam’s fists, which is pretty dang hard if you’ve seen how normal bodies react to it. Readers of Amerikarate since issue 1 especially should love this issue and it’s ending. Amerikarate karate chops a 9 out of 10.