Comics News: Get Grindhouse with Action Lab Danger Zone’s SCUM OF THE EARTH

A Southern fried sci-fi series in the grindhouse manner you demand!

Scumbags! Scum of the Earth is a new 3 mini-series published by Action Lab’s Danger Zone mature readers imprint:

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Follow Laura and True, a pair of homicidal rednecks, as they travel the South, leaving a trail of mayhem and murder in their wake.
Is it possible the only thing that can stop them is something not of this world?

Scum of the Earth is an old-school grindhouse road movie and sci-fi manhunt mash-up that has been described as
“Natural Born Killers” meets “The Predator”. The twists and turns will keep you guessing until the very end!

Writer Mark Bertolini describes the main characters as “Total scumbags, thrill-killers, out to get their kicks by causing
a ton of chaos on the backroads of the South. Like ‘Bonnie and Clyde’ but with less empathy, if that’s even possible.”

“Sometimes you dictate what characters do, and sometimes they make up their own minds.
Laura and True are most definitely in the latter column. And what they do isn’t particularly nice.”

Series artist Rob Croonenborghs says “I’d like to say they’ll get theirs…but that would be telling…”

Take a look into the minds of Mark Bertolini and Rob Croonenborghs as they sat down with Broken Frontier and explain what makes Scum of the Earth tick: