Straight Forward Reviews – X-O Manowar # 6

Writer – Matt Kindt

Artist – Doug Braithwaite

Publisher – Valiant

Review by Jeremias de Leon


This issue sees a new quest begin for Aric. There is something forcing people that the Emperor does not want in his borders and asks Aric to deal with it. Without spoilers, I will say that Aric does look to see how deep this rabbit hole goes and makes a decision at the end of this issue. A decision that I believe many have been waiting for since the start of this new X-O Manowar series.

The story in this issue feels like a slow burn, but since it’s setting up for the future it’s understandable. It also feels like an RPG storyline. Aric took one quest from the Emperor and it took him to yet another quest to about this weapon destroying whole towns.


The art continues to be amazing in this series. It looks clearer in this issue than previous ones. The character designs stand out more. 


This issue slows things down which is understandable. It does feel like it’s slowed down too much. It could have been a little faster paced, just a little bit. There’s very little action but what is there is well done. It’s a decent issue though, and promises some big things happening in future issues. X-O Manowar # 6 a 8.5 out of 10.