Straight Forward Reviews – Infinite Seven # 6

Writer – Dave Dwonch

Artist – Arturo Mesa

Publisher – Action Lab Danger Zone

Review by Jeremias de Leon


Spoilers will be avoided but the following is the general direction of this issue’s story. After the crazy events of the previous issue the Infinite Seven, at least the male members, are looking to blow off some steam. But of course, when do things ever go according to plan? We also learn a bit more about the organization they’re up against Chimera, as well as a little more on the background of some of the Infinite Seven members themselves. That’s about as detailed I’ll make it. There’s so much to learn it’d be a shame to spoil any of it.

Tensions are high throughout this issue and the pacing of the issue makes the mood just right. The buildup to the action in this issue made the action much more enjoyable. The character motivations and backgrounds were well done.


Besides the general pacing of the comic the art set up the mood of this whole issue brilliantly. The sketchy style seems made for this kind of action comic. The way the characters look at rest but with well defined facial expressions and the way they do in motion is perfect. 


There hasn’t been a series I enjoyed this much in a long time. To be honest I was expecting to not like it as much as the previous issue but instead it blew my expectations right out of the water. The universe this is set in has such interesting lore and characters on top of the awesome action that it doesn’t seem possible to pull away from this series anytime soon. Infinite Seven # 6 gets a rare back to back¬†10 out of 10.