1st Impressions: THE FINAL PLAGUE # 5

Written by JD Arnold
Art by Tony Guaraldi-Brown & Manuel Martinez
Action Lab: Danger Zone
                We get a very powerful finale to this first arc of The Final Plague as we get the final fates of the people within the Maguire Base and the fate of the family from Iowa.
                This last issue was a tour de force by Guaraldi-Brown. From the man getting his face ripped off by a monkey, to an infected man biting into another man to the final panel, Guaraldi-Brown delivers powerful visuals that are horrific, disturbing and emotionally heavy. Between all the gore, Guaraldi-Brown does a great job giving more of the human element in his work. The backgrounds and colors are just amazing thoughout the entire issue. Martinez gives a great assist to Guaraldi-Brown’s work with solid inking.
                From the horrific panels opening the book to the powerful last page, this book is a masterful piece of macabe and terror with great emotion. A stellar job by Guaraldi-Brown & Martinez.
                Arnold ends this series with two very powerful and frightening endings to characters we have followed since the first issue.  With the military and doctors at the Maguire Base, things end on a gruesome note that definitely feels like a natural progression of the story.  Our good captain moves forward as a soldier, knowing the “Armageddon” situation that the virus has put all the people within the lab in. Carol and Jeremy, on the other hand, do their best to survive and Arnold does a fantastic job with their characterizations. With the dangers that have come about because of the plague, each of our characters have been forced to a very dismal destiny.
                Yet, while the impact of that plotline will be far reaching, Arnold saves the most emotional powerful scene for the end.  As we go back to Iowa one last time to go along with the Michaels family in their town. Arnold sets up a tragic and gripping end as we see the Michaels family together for the final time.
                The dialogue felt authentic. The pacing of the issue was perfect. I love that Arnold made sure to close the two main storylines, making sure you want more. There was great emotion. There was horror. There was a striking ending that will make you want more. Arnold writes one hell of a comic.


                This issue was amazing. It was disgusting. It made me feel things. I LOVE THIS BOOK.

                I give The Final Plague # 5 a solid 10 … out of 10. Grab it on April 2, 2014.