Straight Forward Reviews – Miraculous Adventures # 1

This review will be split into two parts. Since this issue has two stories, though related, done by different teams.

Review by Jeremias de Leon

Publisher – Action Lab

Prologue РRepetition 

Created by Thomas Astruc

Adapted by Nicole D’Andria

Written by Nolwenn Pierre

Art Cheryl Black


This first story which as, the name says, is a prologue. It follows Marinette trying to come to grips with her crush on Adrien. She talks to Tikki on how to overcome her shyness with him. Nothing much happens but it’s establishing character for Marinette.


The art is adorable. It’s nicely colorful and the characters, especially Tikki look super cute. It would catch anyone’s eye.


Script – Nicole D’Andria

Story by Bryan Seaton

Art – Brian Hess


The second story in the book is the one where the meat of the issue is. Still with her crush on Adrien, Marinette watches him play lacrosse. Little did she know there’s a player on the rival team with a chip on his shoulder and will go to any length to win.

The story plays out like a monster of the week but there is a lot of charm here and that isn’t to say it isn’t well written. The motivation for the rival lacrosse player feels real, and Ladybug and Cat Noir at the end of the day act like real kids when you get to the heart of their characters. The story also shows that it will be connected to the issues going forward and not like some other similar properties where it feels like the episodes aren’t really connected.


The art is obviously different from the prologue, since it is a different artist. But, it does feel appropriately “cartoony” the characters exude a lot of personality with this style as well make the action look a lot cooler.


Is this a comic written for a younger audience in mind? No doubt about it. But does that mean it isn’t worth older readers reading too. Honestly, I’d feel confident in handing this issue to just about everybody to read. This comic was much better than expected and I feel a step in the right direction for Miraculous Ladybug in the comics medium. Miraculous Adventures # 1 gets a¬†9 out of 10.