1st Impressions: SKYWARD # 6

Written by Jeremy Dale
Art by Jeremy Dale & James Rochelle
Action Lab Entertainment

                After Jon deals with his humiliation from last issue, Abigail talks with him. As Quinn gets sanctuary from the Rabites, they are suddenly attacked by the assassin known as Skerrigan.
                Dale and Rochelle do a magnificent job this issue.  Each panel is detailed. Dale does a great job of giving us all kinds of people, creatures and backgrounds, rendering them with style. From Jon’s more skinny form to the Rabite General to Skerrigan, Dale gives us plenty of things and people to look at with different kinds of proportions.  Alongside the vast forests, Dale also does well drawing action as we see our Rabites and Jon face Skerrigan this issue.
                Rochelle’s colors keeps Dale’s work looking vivid and energized. There is beauty with each page and there is a lot of love in this book, from the detail that Dale puts in it. This was a solid issue from this art team.
                Dale writes a solid issue. We get some great characterizations from Iwi, Jon, Shura and Quinn this issue. Jon in particular gets spotlight but Dale does a good job of making it flow very naturally instead of feeling heavy handed. Having Skerrigan watch them and chime in on the events occurring was a nice touch as well, giving a bit more personality to the assassin.
                 Dale has the issue flow very naturally as it goes through its main cast. While Tanner and Abigail did not have much to do this issue, Dale gives us plenty of development with the other characters. The plot was simple enough yet Dale shines it with his race of warrior rabbits and Jon taking center stage. The dialogue is solid and believable while Quinn gets a moment this issue. Overall, Dale tells a good story this issue as it sets up for what is to come.

                Dale and Rochelle give us a solid issue with action and great character development. It begins to set the stage and we get to learn more about the Rabites.


  I give Skyward # 6 a solid 8 … out of 10. Pick it up April 2nd, 2014.