Top 10 Past EVO Matches

EVO 2017 is starting tomorrow. To celebrate, let’s count down the top 10 hypes matches in previous EVO tournaments, covering all the games that have been on the stage. Each of these matches had one super crazy moment, at least ONE moment, that was so crazy or awesome or both that it will live on in fighting game history.

First before we begin with the list proper, honorable mention to that one video everyone saw back in the day. I remember back when I was in high school talking about this moment. Of course I’m talking about the legendary EVO Moment # 37 where Justin Wong took on Daigo in Street Fighter 3 3rd Strike and what may have seemed like victory to Justin quickly turned to defeat as Daigo perfectly parries Justin’s super to come back and defeat Justin. The moment became so known and big, that Capcom themselves put it in the re-release of Street Fighter 3 Third Strike for PSN and XBLA to perform for yourself.

Ok, now on to the list proper.

10. Justin Wong vs Richard Nguyen

With just a sliver of health against Richard Nguyen, what seemed like certain defeat turned into Justin’s victory. One thing you’ll learn in this list, a fight isn’t over until it’s over.

9. Ogawazato vs Woshige EVO 2015

In a move that can be simply described as “counting your chickens before they hatch” Woshige created a moment that unintentionally made him famous. To the point where even ESPN’s Sports Center covered the moment. Woshige, thinking he had one the entire match stands up after winning one round in a fit of joy, but realizes only too late that the match was still going. Before he can make it back to his arcade stick, he was already defeated.

8. Combofiend vs Marn EVO 2011

Before he was telling people that characters are just functions and that nobody remembers the X-Men Peter Rosas was known as Combofiend, and as somebody who was to be feared in a Marvel vs Capcom 3 match, even with low health. As his skills with Spencer and his Bionic Arm has made him snatch victory from the jaws of defeat many times. This is just one of those times.

7. Louffy vs Bonchan EVO 2014 Grand Finals

Hailing from France, Louffy did what people thought was nigh impossible. Be from a western country and defeating all the killers from Japan, and doing this with an old Playstation 1 controller no less. His skill with Rose was something to behold. Especially in his final match against Bonchan’s Sagat.

6. Poongko vs Daigo EVO 2011

Daigo, nicknamed “The Beast” for his crazy good gameplay and for winning oh so many tournaments in the past, was a shoo-in for EVO. But then he ran into Poongko, famous or perhaps infamous for his antics but a very solid player in his own right. In this match Poongko knocked Daigo from his throne, not only by beating him, but beating him handily and even getting a perfect victory over Daigo.

5. Justin Wong vs Chris G EVO 2014 Grand Finals

Chris G has been dominating Marvel Vs Capcom 3 with his skilled play and crazy tactics of using Morrigan’s soul fist attack. Creating what seems akin to old school shoot ’em up games, to the point where some call it the “bullet hell” attack. But Justin Wong, as you’ve seen before never gives up and defeated Chris G in what was a true nail biter of a match.

4. Sleep vs My God EVO 2015

In another case of “never give up” and “it isn’t over until it’s over” Killer Instinct player Sleep, with one hp of health left grabs a victory after the other player My God pulls a hare from Tortoise and the Hare and just decides to play around instead of finishing the fight.

3. Viscant vs PR Balrog EVO 2011

Puerto Rico! Back in the early days of Marvel Vs Capcom 3, Dark Phoenix was considered extremely overpowered. Viscant and other players took advantage of that. PR Balrog however, didn’t care and at around 11:17 when it looks like he was going to be defeated quickly does one of the craziest clutch level 3 supers to stay in the game.

2. Galileo vs Dogara EVO 2014 Grand Finals

Dogara playing the very powerful character in BlazBlue Chrono Phantasma Azrael, like Daigo seemed to be a shoo-in for the tournament. But even though he was getting beat down Galileo, stuck it out and with true grit, defeated Dogara to become the BlazBlue EVO 2014 champion.

1. MadKof vs Bala EVO 2012 Grand Finals

As a huge fan of King of Fighters, but more importantly as a huge fan of fighting games and the hype it can provide, this match is my prime example. You can actually feel an intensity in the air as the match progresses. In no other match were there people just getting hype over a character being picked. Funny enough a character I have a lot of personal connection to, Clark Steel. When they chant for him to be picked it’s insane, it’s like being a pro wrestling match or a major sporting event. It’s unreal. When you hear the crowd and the commentators throughout the grand finals for yourself, you will see why it had to be my number 1 pick for top 10 EVO matches.