Seraph’s Sanctions: LOLA XOXO # 1

Writer: Siya Oum
Art: Siya Oum
Colors: Siya Oum
Letterer: Zen

The Breakdown:

Some time has past since the end of the original Lola XOXO miniseries. Lola is with Conrad, Monarch and the others as they make their way through the land and head over to the town of Artemis. Conrad promises that the group would be safe, but there is worry that Edgar and his influence would reach that far. Meanwhile, a young boy hires a man named Larry to protect him from a bunch of gassed masked wearing men. What do they want with the boy?

The Bad:

There are few backgrounds throughout the book. Yet, a very minor complaint.



The Moment of the Issue:

The reveal that Artemis might be more dangerous than Lola and her crew intitally realize.


The Good:

Dear God… I have missed Siya Oum’s purely spectacular art. The browns, greens and grays are used well to set up background and tone of the world and the page. Yet, Oum also uses her line work to create visual experiences throughout the book to keep readers captivated. ¬†Oum elevates the art form of sequential art with this book that captures the tone of the world and tone of the plot with each and every single panel. Oum’s line work does make each character distinct alongside the engrossing backgrounds. The water colored like coloring of the book is another distinct feature that just allures readers in to the majestic panel work. Oum really makes this first issue back with Lola truly beautiful.

Storywise, Oum pens a very intrigue first issue. We pick up with Lola and the crew as they head towards Artemis. Oum makes sure Lola does grow a little this first issue, showing her to be a bit more assertive. She does a good job of developing Conrad and Monarch as well. Larry seems interesting thus far, as it seems that he’s about money but has a moral code of his own. Oum’s opening salvo seems simple, but multi-layered. There’s Lola’s search for her parents, Edgar still wanting Conrad and company, Introducing Larry with the boy, Monarch adjusting to life with Lola and Conrad’s crew and the introduction of the creepy masked men. There clearly is a lot more going on and an unseen enemy who sent the Masked men. Oum juggles all these plots with ease, allowing readers to get into the characters just through interactions. Kudos for Oum for her character work. With the narration that captures a young woman coming into her own, Oum does a great job with opening this issue.



The Verdict:

Lola XOXO (Vol. 2) # 1 was a joy to read. It takes some simple ideas of growing up and deciding what to do next with their life and mix it with strong characterization and mystery. This is one of the most stylish books I have come across but does so very simply. Meanwhile, Lola continues to be a strong lead, with good narration and character development that just make most readers fall for our lead. The world of Lola XOXO gets bigger here with some interesting new characters, intriguing mysteries and a dangerously creepy threat showing their … masks. Definitely an issue that makes you want more.