Seraph’s Sanctions: KIM & KIM: LOVE IS A BATTLEFIELD #1

Writer: Magdalene Visaggio
Art: Eva Cabrera
Colors: Claudia Aguirre
Letters: Zakk Saam
Publisher: BLACK MASK STUDIOS (July 2017)

The Breakdown:
3 Years have past since the events of the first miniseries, the Kims are once again working on getting bounties, getting money and spending so much of it. As they capture a high paying bounty, they got an advance of their earnings. And just in time as Kim D’s ex, Laz. And when Kim sees her ex, things start to get crazy as Laz is there for more than just seeing Kim D again.


The Bad: 

The Moment of the Issue: 
Kim D slapping the hell out of Laz … knowing what she had done later.


The Good: 

Reunited and it feels so good … and DAMN. It is great seeing the creative team back together again. Cabrera and Aguirre once again display magic on the page. The clean line and link work of Cabrera is simple, yet expressive. The range of backgrounds gives a good amount of depth to the book, allowing readers to feel like they are taken to a world that is similar but still alien.  Aguirre’s colors are exquisite as they really give Cabrera’s art a sharpness and life that seduce readers.

Visaggio’s script is multi-layered, fun and powerful. We have the Kims back and kind of finding their way, kind of like how they were in the beginning of the original series. The opening does feel like a nice throw back to the original first issue while allowing readers to feel how much things have changed (or stated the same) for the characters. The dialogue is sharp and multi-layered, giving readers multiple ideas of the personality of the characters.  I love the chemistry between both Kims and how flawed both of them are. Visaggio colors our main characters with some great aggressive portrays and deal with different aspects of themes such as love, relationships and partnership. Much like the small essay at the end of the book, Visaggio shows how the relationship between the Kims and how queer people actually deal with the world. Love is very different for different people, particularly with queer/gay people definition of love and Visaggio delves in that with each of the Kims there without being preachy or pounding it overtly to readers. It gets tied in well with part of the main plot and definitely is impactful with its execution.

The Verdict: 

Kim & Kim: Love is a Battlefield #1 is a spectacular kick off issue that brings back awesome characters in a fun, gripping way. Using love as an underline catalyst for things that occur throughout the issue was superb alongside all the main plot of the Kims getting targeted after they capture a big bounty. The art is exquisite as the clean line work and vivid colors with capture readers. The letters of Saam work well to bring readers eyes to the words comfortably and hints at the playful, adventurous nature of our main characters and the book itself. And Visaggio’s writing is brilliant, intelligent and engaging. This first issue can stand on its own, without having to have read the previous miniseries. Yet, you are rewarded for reading the previous series in seeing the development of the Kims since then. Overall, a really fun book and great set up for the ride to come.