Toku Tuesday: The Chou Den-O Trilogy BEGINS

To celebrate the United States’ Independence Day and to kick off another around of Toku Tuesdays … EZ Rider will regenerate into Kamen Rider Ex-Aid in the hopes to stop a fleet of mass produced bugsters alongside the Daleks as they look over to take over the universe by first wiping it out and making Earth Patient Zero as a disease carrying planetoid.  … WAIT. No. That’s wrong. I am mixing up a bit too many fandoms.

We celebrate Toku Tuesdays return with not 1 but 2 videos from EZ Rider as Toku Time brings on a collection of goodness as EZ faces some memories that he’s not sure are real or not and facing what’s to come with the three episodes of Kamen Rider Chou Den-O. We start with an epilogue video and then with his review of the first episode in the Chou Den-O trilogy … Episode Red.


So, let’s start this out with a bang! Starting with Toku Time’s Chou Den-O Trilogy Epilogue:


And that’s get followed up by the first proper review within the Chou Den-O trilogy as Toku Time presents EZ review Chou Den-O: Episode Red.



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