Seraph’s Sanctions: RAPTURE # 2

Writer: Matt Kindt
Art: CAFU & Roberto De La Torre
Colors: Andrew Dalhouse
Letterer: Dave Sharpe
Publisher: VALIANT ENTERTAINMENT (June 2016)


The Breakdown:
Our team of do gooders get the background of what is going on in the Dead side and with Babel from our barbarian friend,  Rex the Razer. As they get background, Shadowman is taken hostage by Babel as our main big bad needs Jack’s Loa for a particular reason … to shatter the tower into the Live Side … or Heaven.



The Bad:
haahahahhahahaa … bad …. right …. hahahahahhaha … don’t make me laugh. There is not bad here.

The Moment of the Issue:

It is a cross between the background of Babel’s origins and the cliffhanger that pretty much yelled out “Holy shit.”



The Good:

CAFU and De La Torre bring their A game and decide that they need to make sure that they make every other artist look inadequate to them with this issue. There isn’t much of big battles or anything, but CAFU and De La Torre create experiences with their panels that just touch readers.  CAFU’s line work is clean, crisp and smooth, reeling in readers with the style. De La Torre’s art is a bit grimier, stylized and detailed. Thus making the origin of Babel that much more gritty and painful to look at. Yet, both are used to perfection as this issue really sucks in readers with the beautiful panel work. The majority of the book are quiet scenes or more painful scenes where there isn’t much action and both artists make them  extremely compelling.  The colors done by Dalhouse are absolutely superb.

Kindt does a magnificent job this issue as he continues to build upon what was done in Ninjak and Shadowman while making the story stand out on its own. There is character growth for Rex, Ninjak, Tama and Jack. Kindt makes the entire issue feel important while keeping action to the minimum.  There is little action but Kindt makes sure every movement and every word is impactful. Kindt paces the issue well, making sure that bit by bit the action continues to rise. Kindt makes sure to layer the story with character development alongside plot advancement. Thus the ending being quite amazing as it deals with Jack’s torment since the events of the last several issues of Shadowman and Shadowman: End Times.  The ending was powerful as we see the manipulation of lettering by Sharpe to help bring forth the twisted personality of Babel. The intimacy of Babel e

xplaining his plan while tempting Jack with one of the things he wants most was absolutely psychotic while absolutely charming. And with Tama and Ninjak having issues with actions being done and the cliffhanger, you have a hell of an issue.



The Verdict:

Rapture # 2 was an engaging, brilliant ride as it is climb towards a huge battle with very serious consequences. The lack of action actually worked for the book and not against it as Kindt built motivations and deepened character development while the artists and colorist make sure to create panels of sublime tone, mood and gravity that will smother readers in bliss. I’m so looking forward to more as the event that will change Ninjak, Shadowman and more moves forward.