Straight Forward Reviews – BubbleGun vol2 # 2

Writer – Mark Roslan

Artist – Angel Tovar (pencils and inks)

Publisher – Aspen

Review by Jeremias de Leon


Picking up immediately where the first issue left off we see Molli and Kyo on a mission to break into ArmorCorp known for their security robots.

This issue goes full steam ahead in terms of the action. There’s also some pretty important story bits at the end, and some character development in the middle of the issue as well. The characters are really quite well written, they even seem to be better written in this issue than before. Even though this was mostly action. Without giving spoilers that’s all the details I can give, since the rest is action I’ll cover that in the art section.


This issue being mostly action, the art had to be good to keep the readers attention. The art does that in this issue and then some. The characters look fantastic when they’re in action, they stay on model and the attacks look perfectly impactful. The story is already good but the action takes it even higher.


Molly’s adventure splatting people and robots with her Bubble Gun is at it’s best right here in this issue. The action is top notch and the clever story twists keeps the comic from being one dimensional. Here’s hoping the third issue gets even better. Bubble Gun # 2 gets a 9.5 out of 10.