Seraph’s Sanctions: SPENCER & LOCKE # 2

Writer: David Pepose
Art: Jorge Santiago Jr
Colors: Jasen Smith
Letterer: Colin Bell

The Breakdown:

Spencer & Locke are on the trail of Sophie’s killer and her daughter. As it takes them to a strip club, we learn some dark secrets of Locke’s past come back to haunt his present. Yet, how is his past connected to the murder and kidnapping now? And who is the woman who seems to have power to make Spencer vanish?

The Bad:

The Moment of the Issue:
I would have to admit that Ramona returning definitely make Locke’s skill crawl … and mine.


The Good:

This book was definitely enjoyable and took some pretty big leaps here. Santiago & Smith do s wonderful job with using their tools to paint some very captivating and riveting art. The changes in style are great once again for looking in the past and Santiago’s line work makes it all work together. The action is pretty kinetic here and Smith’s colors seem slightly darker this issue, but it is very fitting given the tone of the book and the overall revelations with it them. The art was solid.

The writer was multi-faceted and superb. There feels like there are a lot more given to readers that what is seen through sequential art, allowing us to feel more invested into the happenings within the book. Pepose pens an issue with a lot of tension, suspense and intrigue. A lot of that tension comes from Ramona and her appearances throughout the book. And Pepose tells why … in a very causal way. Locke definitely seems to have a weakness for women and Pepose does a wonderful job putting his own spin on the classic noir hero dealing with a femme fatal. Ramona isn’t like other femme fatal … till towards the end of the book and that is part of what makes her character and the book so gripping. There are things clearly connected to classic mystery books are mixed together with the harshness of reality and the wonders of imagination. Pepose definitely makes sure the book feels familiar but still is distinctly different. Also, there are definite hints that Locke is more mental messed up then were hinted at by the previous issue … and Ramona is part of the reason why. His life was harsh enough as it is so him torturing a person … and it does seem like Locke tortures a guy and Spencer is ok with it is just a bit on the side of wrong. So, now, readers have to wonder how truly messed up is our lead and what will this case uncover at the end of it. The dialogue was strong and Pepose masterfully develops Ramona, Locke and Spencer this issue in ways that really make all three characters stand out.

The Verdict:

Spencer & Locke # 2 dives deeper into a mystery that leaves more questions and answers … but in a good way.There is plot advancement with the case only to have new wrinkles with the appearance of Ramona, who turned out to be a creepy woman in one of the least likely ways. Pepose pens a superb and superior follow up issue to his first while Santiago and Smith’s art also makes wonderful impact with the grew use of line work, inventive use of color and strong panel work. ┬áSpencer & Locke # 2 is a dark thrill ride with mystery, suspense and themes that will make readers cringe and be captivated.