Strength the Buddies of Gao & More With Buddyfight’s Upcoming CROSSING GENERATIONS Booster



Bushiroad plots to show off the various buddies for Gao and multiple buddies for Star Dragon World with the upcoming alternative booster, Crossing Generations. The booster will feature a slew of new cards for Dragon World and Star Dragon World. Particularly, they will be cards supporting Zodiac, Jackknife and Althora for Star Dragon World while Dragon World gets new cards for all three of Gao Mikado’s (the main protagonist of the anime and current face of Future Card Buddyfight) buddies, Drum, Bal and, of course, Batzz.



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Crossing Generations is the first alternate booster of the X era of Buddyfight. Crossing Generations will have 146 or more types of cards with 60 common cards, 36 rare cards, 24 double rare (RR) cards, 20 triple rare (RRR) cards and 6 buddy rare cards (which has been confirmed to be one buddy rare for each of the buddies that were aforementioned earlier and which the booster supports.). It will hit stores on June 16th, 2017. If your store isn’t carrying Future Card Buddyfight, please implore them to do so with your wallets and your demand.

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