Seraph’s Sanctions: RAPTURE # 1


Writer: Matt Kindt
Colors: Andrew Dalhouse
Letterer: Dave Sharpe

The Breakdown:

Tama travels the Deadside to get an answer about the next big catastrophe that the Earth will face … and that is being known as Babel wanting to pierce the Liveside aka Heaven … but in doing so will destroy the Deadside and Earth. So, Tama gathers Ninjak, Punk Mambo and Shadowman on a mission to save their world and the Deadside from this threat. Yet, Jack isn’t ready to face the Deadside again so readily.

The Bad:
Not a thing.

The Moment of the Issue:

I think I would have to see the moment where Shadowman decides to join the group after all.

The Good:

This issue holds so much that happened to it alongside while there wasn’t a whole lot that happened. CAFU and Dalhouse presents us more of the crazy, beautiful and grim world of the Deadside while presenting us journeys of our heroes. From the various small areas of Tama’s quest to the city of London at night, CAFU and Dalhouse create these enviroments that readers can get engrossed in. The characters all look distinct and stylish, allowing CAFU to stretch his artistic muscles. ┬áVarious beings of different kinds? No problem. CAFU has you covered with some amazing renditions of humans and demons and more in this issue. Dalhouse’s superb color shifts from darker colors in the Deadside to capture the tone of the area to a bit lighter tones on Earth when the story shifts to London. It’s amazingly rendered.

Kindt is brilliant here. Clearly, Rapture is a story that has been in his head for some time by the way the set up of the story and the interactions have been playing out. Since Shadowman’s reappearance, Kindt knew he wanted to touch up on that. Also, it is great to see Ninjak doing his thing as normal while teaming with Punk Mambo again. And it is clear since Book of Death, Kindt wanted to bring in Tama and do something else with her. Kindt blends all these elements together to create this wonderful storm of connecting threads from dangling storylines alongside building the main plot of our miniseries. Kindt builds the Valiant mythology further here, like he did during his time with Unity, as he presents to us dealings with begins that choosing a person to be cast out by Azazel … which ends up tying into the Judaism, Christianity and Islamic scriptures as well as hinting more of Heaven, also known as the Liveside in Valiant. And the Biblical elements is definitely warranted, considering the miniseries is called Rapture. Yet, there is more tie ins to it while Kindt makes it something his own as he presents the dangers that are coming very slowly and organically here. The tale of the Tower of Babel is given new life here with a more threatening meaning and Kindt sets up Babel as a major threat with ease. Meanwhile, we get character development for Tama, Ninjak, Punk Mambo and Shadowman. It is woven in so effortlessly that it feels like it needs to be there. Particularly, the thread of redemption for Jack Boniface, who had been transformed into the Magpie as well as been corrupted by his Loa. Kindt makes it a point to show that Jack is fighting his way back but it isn’t easy. Kindt also makes sure that the Eternal Warrior/Ninjak bromance is as strong as it has suggested its been as Tama tells Colin that Eternal Warrior thinks of him as a brother. The development is great alongside the well woven new elements of our main plot and the Deadside itself.

The Verdict:

Rapture # 1 is a fantastic kick off to an event that will change some of our marquee characters in Valiant, particular Shadowman. It adds a lot to the mythos of the Valiant Universe itself while allowing characters to advance and grow, such as Tama and Shadowman. The art is simply superb on every single panel while the story is among one of the more seductive and epic that Kindt has done yet. It feels important. It feels special. And that’s what readers need from miniseries/event comics like this … to feel special. ┬áRapture #1 picks up from pieces of both the Operation: Deadside storyline from Ninjak and Book of Death with such ease that it just feels nature while also being a story with an identity of its own. Awesome kick off issue, looking forward to more.