Road to E3 2017 – Nintendo

Racing to the finish of our Road to E3 2017, we have our last contender with their presence that is going to be just as big as the other two; Nintendo! After two years of having some lackluster showings at the Electronic Entertainment Expo, does the Big N have a trump card to put on a fantastic performance at the Los Angeles Convention Center since they are not doing another press conference like they’ve been doing for the last few years? Seeing as how they are doing another E3 Digital Event in the form of the Nintendo E3 Spotlight presentation, an ARMS Tournament for their newest fighting game, and having the Treehouse doing another consecutive slew of behind-the-scenes events on their upcoming games while announcing some newer surprises, will Nintendo strike big this time around? What is new with Super Mario Odyssey as that is their biggest spotlight? What is next for The Legend of Zelda? Are there actually two, new Metroid games in the works? What is Retro Studios’ own game they are working on for the Switch? What are some of the new Nintendo 3DS games they have in the works if they plan on supporting it for another few years? We have many other questions, but this should be the year where Nintendo either goes big or goes home since they have a new console that is already launched. Sit back, relax, enjoy some gameplay of Star Fox Adventures, and have a great listen as we predict what Nintendo may have in store for E3 2017 along with our special guest; Wheelchair21 from! Enjoy!

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