Straight Forward Reviews – Bubble Gun # 1 vol. 2

Writer – Mark Roslan

Artist – Angel Tovar

Publisher – Aspen

Review by Jeremias de Leon


After the events of the first volume of Bubble Gun, Molli and her crew find themselves in debt to the gang leader Sir Penny. Who’s a very powerful and seemingly ruthless man. They blew up his ship “The Dark Lightning” and he was a little more than peeved at that. Which is the impetus for all of the action you see in this book.

Speaking of action this book doesn’t waste time with it. Right from the beginning we see an awesome action sequence with Molli and her team. This series really has grown since it’s first run back in 2014. The flow from action, to the internal struggles Molli and her team have to the greater plot of Sir Penny and his ambitions, works well.


The artist has changed since volume 1 but the quality is still as good as ever. There’s some splash pages that are really well laid out and the characters look fantastic. The colors are beautiful as well. Bubble Gun  keeps it’s art at nothing less than fantastic, then and now.


The book is a lot of fun to read, the plot flows well enough and is nothing short of beautiful to look at. The only complaint that can be thought of at the moment would be that it may not be as friendly to new readers who aren’t familiar with Bubble Gun’s first run. But it isn’t completely out of reach to new readers. The main plot isn’t so dense, the how’s and why’s of what’s going is spelled out. But character backstory and growth won’t be as appreciated by new readers if they just jump into this blind. With that said Bubble Gun # 1 volume 2 gets a 9.5 out of 10