Seraph’s Sanctions: NO WORLD #1

Writer: Scott Lobdell
Art: Jordan Gunderson, Mark Roslan & Charlie Mok
Colors: JUANCHOo
Letterer: Zen
Publisher: ASPEN COMICS (April 2017) 

The Breakdown:

Remember how there was that Aspen Universe: Revelation thing that ended up having Malikai and Aspen pretty much merge the various different universes within the books of Aspen …. hehehehe …. well, if you thought you saw some of it before, you ain’t see nothing yet as this book gives us more hints at it. A flash mob decide that they were bored with dancing and that simultaneous murder was more their speed.  And this is the first hint of things to come as Iris from Executive Assistant Iris ends up in a dinner in the middle of nowhere  only to me Miya from Eternal Soulfire.

The Bad:

Actually … nada.


The Best Moment of the Issue:

Miya revealing herself in time to help Iris kick some ass.

The Good:

Lobdell kind of goes back to slower storytelling here to start our new book and I have to admit that I love it. No World #1 kind of starts giving hints of the world of Aspen after Revelations happened. And Lobdell clearly is having some fun with that this issue. While, in all honesty, not a lot happens, Lobdell keeps it engaging with smart dialogue that does not seem to have any real throw away lines and perfect pacing as we are just starting our new tale about our new team. And because the character count was a bit smaller, it allows Lobdell really help flesh out some character traits of our leads here, Iris and Miya. Clearly, Miya is hiding her more magical self while Iris knows who she is, she knows what to do and is a very strong woman without having it crammed down our throats being told how strong she is. Lobdell leaves plenty of mysteries but the re-introduction to characters here (because Aspen clearly knew that this book might be someone’s first Aspen book) allowed readers to get a feel for Iris and Miya.

Gunderson’s art has simply gotten even better since Revelation. It is criminally beautiful here. The panel work is exquisite as Gunderson’s clean style gives plenty of detail to things that need detail while not over doing it. The characters all look very different with their own body shapes, sizes and feels to them. Roslan and Mok really bring out the best of Gunderson’s line work with their digital inks that just explode the art off the page. Their inking really adds depth and power to each panel. And the colors from JUANCHOo are perfect. Every tone and shade of color fits every last inch of every panel within the book. The near cinematic looking panels within the book look that much bolder thanks to both the inks and color. Truly a master class of sequential art is here.

The Verdict:

No World # 1 starts off with a bang that grips you and then traps you with interesting characters. Long time readers of Aspen will notice these familiar characters and wonder how they will work together. New readers will look at these character and be attracted to them, thanks to the characterization done by Scott Lobdell.  We have some set up and mysteries, but Lobdell pens a ride that intrigues the reader and makes them want more. The art in this book is just pure grandeur and beauty. Zen’s letters are wonderful as they are a bit different from his lettering in The Circle and fits the overall style of lettering that Aspen has. It works well for the title. No World #1 promises battle, blood, reveals and more characters to come and it is a ride I definitely want to be on.