Seraph’s Sanctions: CATALYST PRIME FCBD 2017 One Shot

Writer: Priest & Joseph Illidge
Art: Marco Turini & Will Rosado
Colors: Jessica Kholinne
Letterer: Andworld Design
Publisher: LION FORGE



The Breakdown:

For Free Comic Book Day, we see the one moment that creates this new universe of super heroes in Lion Forge … and it is a lot more complicated than readers realize as that the asteroid that comes to claim Earth changes the world …forever.


The Bad:

No real bad.


The Best Moment of the Issue:

That MAJOR reveal at the end is probably among one of the best in comics that I have read for a very long time.


The Good:

So, Lion Forge Comics has done a lot since it started and we look at the beginning of their super heroic world. One event that jump starts the entire thing. This issue was it and this issue delivered!  Artistically, Turini and Rosado both bring their A game with wonderfully detailed panels, that capture emotion and mood perfectly. They capture the tension well of the chaos of the asteroid that was to hit Earth.  And the fact that these artists were able to show the normacy of a married couple on Earth and the blackness of space on the shuttle is magnificent. Readers will take in the wonder while allowing the art to kind of set this world changing event. The inks really brought out the best of the line work of the artists here, making each panel pop out more from the panels.  The colors from Kholinne are magnificent as they really give each panel power that just envelops readers. There are some very stunning panels, particularly with the shuttle in space heading forwards the asteroid, Icarus.  The lettering being sharper keep the tone of the issue serious.

Priest & Illidge do a magnificent job penning this issue. In this one issue, we get a lot of character development, foreshadowing, and a great three act story within the pages of this single issue. Priest and Illidge present to us characters that all readers can relate to from different walks of life as the world is putting their hopes on this crew of people. We get to learn what makes them tick and their personalities rather quickly through personal scenes and then together in space.  In just a few pages, the writers make us care for Lorena, Xiaohan, Valentina,Alistair, Jamila & David. Readers feel invested in them as they go face Icarus. As they build the issue around the event and what happens before, during and after, readers are welcomed to a couple twists in the story that just end up building to the MAJOR ending that was well executed, well writing, completely shocking and downright genius from our writers. With witty and intelligent dialogue and perfect pacing,  A really triumph in comic books there.


The Verdict:

Honestly, this is one of the best one shots I have ever read … EVER. It sets up the Catalyst Prime Universe with a very powerful, yet somewhat plausible version of a beginning of a super hero universe. The art is superb by both artists, who are distinct enough to see the differences in styles, but not too different to effect the over all look of the book and interrupt the flow of the book. The book looks amazing, with think dark inks, but panels that convey emotion and tension as an asteroid is projected to hit the Earth and kill all life. The writing this issue is nothing short of superb. It’s captivating, emotional, tense and intelligent. In this one issue, readers can feel invested in the new Catalyst Prime than many other reboots or miniseries events that many others have done.

One of the best single issues I have ever read.  I’m definitely in towards Catalyst Prime. Grab and read this book now.