Sherlock and Watson Team Up in the All-Ages Adventures of KID SHERLOCK

Sherlock and Watson Team Up in the All Ages Adventures of
Mystery is afoot in the halls of Baker Elementary School, and Kid Sherlock and Watson the dog are on the case!

Writer(s): Justin Phillips

Artist Name(s): Sean Miller (Pencils), Lesley Atlansky (Colors)
Cover Artist(s): Sean Miller (Covers A), Dennis Culver (Cover B – Limited to 1500 copies)
John Watson is nervous being the only dog at his new school, Baker Elementary. But when he takes an interest in fellow student, Sherlock Holmes, the two become unlikely, and sometimes contentious, friends. Together they deal with bullies, track down lost toys, investigate stolen playground equipment, and even face an unseen threat terrorizing the school halls. All the while Watson tries to help Sherlock make friends with his fellow students and Sherlock tries to help Watson become a better detective.

Writer Justin Phillips comments, “School can be tough. Trying to make friends, fit in, or just avoiding the school bully is hard no matter what grade you are in. Kid Sherlock touches on all of these issues and more and helps us to see that we don’t always have to fit in to still belong.”
Each story is 22 pages, including a single page gag bit at the end. KID SHERLOCK is an all ages book that will appeal to young readers and adults, as well as fans of Sherlock Holmes and mystery stories.

KID SHERLOCK will debut June 2017.
32 pgs./ E / FC                   $3.99 


What people are saying about Kid Sherlock:

Kid Sherlock is everything you love about classic Holmes stories but with a whole new tone and attitude. A great way to get kids into comics and mysteries at the same time!” (Andy Schmidt from Comics Experience)


“KID SHERLOCK hits the magical demographic of being fun for me and my son. When one of the lead characters is a crime solving dog in a newsboy cap, you can’t go wrong!” (Matt Kolowsky from ComiXology)


“I think I identify more with KID SHERLOCK than his literary predecessor because I’ve actually faced some of these mysteries. And the art’s as inviting as the best school bulletin board. A nice blend of detective work and burgeoning friendship, Kid Sherlock is a great read for those in the midst of elementary school enigmas (or those still searching for clues).” (Paolo Rivera, Artist of Daredevil)