Straight Forward Reviews – Geek Girl # 4

Writer – Sam Johnson

Artist – Carlos Grande

Publisher – Markosia

Review by Jeremias de Leon


In this issue of Geek Girl we get some secret origins and the plot goes back to what began in the first issue as Lightning Storm comes back and Geek Girl tries to keep her promise to Neon Girl.

This issue is a bit longer but strangely enough feels better paced than previous issues. As the story is more focused in it’s plot, even though it’s a longer issue it didn’t feel like it was overwhelming to read at all.

There’s plenty action in this issue and there’s some backstory that is just oh so “comic booky” that gives insight to the motivation behind Lightning Storm’s actions. The ending is worth praising as well, as it’s probably not what you’ll see coming.


The character designs stand out quite well in this issue. The action looks great, especially whenever it shows Lightning Storm’s use of her powers. The effects look fantastic.


The feeling of being overwhelmed with side plots from the previous three issues is gone in this one. The pacing is so much better and on top of that the character designs and action are worth checking out. The ending leaves a desire for more as well. It feels like Geek Girl herself didn’t really get much growth in this one, and it also felt like the creators of the glasses had some missed potential. It’s still a fun comic to read however. Geek Girl # 4 gets a 9 out of 10

Geek-Girl #3 & #4 are Out Now and available in Regular, Digital and Variant editions at – along with new Variants of Geek-Girl #1-#2 for newcomers to her mini-series.