Seraph’s Sanctions: THE CIRCLE # 4

Writer: Damon Clark
Art: Alyzia Zherno
Colors: Alyzia Zherno
Letterer: Zen


The Breakdown:

It’s kill or be killed as Christian is set up for murder by the rest of the Circle. And Christian is pushed into a choice as he lays exposed of his powers in front of his dad.

The Bad:

Nothing bad this issue. I feel bad for Christian to a certain extent.

The Moment of Issue:

It wasn’t all the cool and thrilling magical hoopla that happened this issue but the last conversation Christian has with his father this issue. That conversation was amazing because it tells so much in so little.

The Good:

Well … that escalated quickly. And I love it. Zhero once again renders a tale of suspense and horror that you don’t see in other comics. Her style is very unique and really gets to cut loose even more this issue as readers are visited with multiple visuals of powers being used in different ways, some horrific panels of a few deaths and some emotional moments that are just knocked out of the park this issue. The coloring is superb as it continues to capture not only the emotion of the particular scene while keeping with the theme of the story. Really stellar work.

Clark pens the best issue of The Circle yet as we are beginning to get pay off. While the frame job may seem out of nowhere, it does make sense, given that Christian is definitely not with the Circle and the creepy stalkerish things they were doing to him last issue. And now, it is on. Clark does not give a loop hole to give Christian a way out of killing the Circle. Clark has him go through with it and does a good job of keeping Christian seemingly “good” as the others have pushed Christian’s back against the wall. They framed him and tried to murder his father. Christian is fully honest to his father and it was refreshing. Particularly more refreshing was his father’s reaction to the initial attack and then after as Christian tells his father to leave town to protect him. It is the fact that Christian’s father seemingly didn’t want his son to kill because he couldn’t believe his son could, but then seeing what his son was facing and that he was trying to protect him … Christian’s father actually tells his son to kill them all, giving his blessing. That’s not something you normally see in comics or in horror. Maybe it is because most horror movies has a female protagonist. Also, a father usually is there to want to protect a child. Yet, the two just lost Christian’s mother and now their lives are in danger. All Christian’s father wants is to have his boy back safe and seeing how he handled one of the Circle and Christian’s pleas for him to save himself cause he’s targeted definitely made Christian’s father feel comfortable about his decision. It’s a powerful moment between father and son and Clark hits all the right notes. That powerful moment in the middle of the book was a great counterweight to all the mystical action and murder on the other parts of the book. Clark’s pacing is perfect here as we are running towards the end game … and if the last panel is any indication … Christian is never going to be the same after this.


The Verdict:

The Circle # 4 starts a wonderful rollercoaster ride of murder, emotion, revelation and mayhem that readers will be gripping their seats to. Zherno’s art is exquisite as it captures the terror of murder and the blissful emotion of love with ease. The final panel in the book was chilling and beautiful. Clark writes a wonderful rollercoaster where the stakes continues to raise while still developing characters and making people care. The Circle continues to be gripping, suspenseful and satisfying as Clark and Zherno sets up a dark and delicious end in sight. Definitely a book to pick up.