Straight Forward Reviews – Artful # 4

Writer – Nicole D’Andria (adapted from Peter David’s novel)

Artist – Laura Neubert

Publisher – Action Lab

Review by Jeremias de Leon


Dodger continues right where the last issue left off looking for Drina. Now that he and his partner know they are dealing with vampires they bravely go to Bedlam in hopes to find her.

In this issue the plot really starts to move forward and the stakes are raised. There’s a surprise that Dodger finds in his search for Drina that makes things much more complicated.

The characters are still written fairly well. They speak and act as you’d expect even  back in Oliver Twist. Which is nice, that it still respects the material these characters originally came from.


The character designs in particular, especially with Dodger’s clothing change, stand out quite well. The character’s movements and actions are ok in this issue. It’s not terrible by any stretch of the imagination, quite good but not as good as expected. Still it’s far from bad and the character designs as mentioned before make this issue still pretty easy on the eyes. 


Character interactions and character art make this enjoyable. Along with the raised stakes at the end. But if you haven’t been reading Artful before this isn’t a good jump on spot. It also feels like the pacing is out of whack. The ending feels abrupt as well. Artful # 4 gets a 7.5 out of 10.