Straight Forward Reviews – Street Tiger # 1

Writer – Ertito Montana

Artist – Ertito Montana

Publisher – Amigo Comics

Review by Jeremias de Leon


Street Tiger is a mysterious story. There is an unknown person in a biker helmet and a jacket with a tiger on the back is attacking criminals. No back story is given on the mysterious attacker, so the reader is just in the dark as the rest of the characters in the world. One thing is known is the biker helmet wearing person is a martial artist.

The plot itself is refreshingly straight forward. It’s very mysterious but it doesn’t play around with the mystery. The character doesn’t go around saying things will be revealed in due time or anything cheesy. They’re just about whatever their mission is.


In what can be described as contradictory the art style is very cartoony almost like the story is a comedy. Which it is far from. In a way this makes the story stand out and stay in your mind.


Ertito Montana is crafting something very special here. This comic doesn’t beat around any bushes, matter of fact the only thing this comic beats is skulls because this is a brutal story. It’s a fun read though, if you have the stomach for the violence. One con however is that maybe the mystery is too safeguarded. As you don’t really have any reason to care for anybody in this issue, as you don’t know who they are. Street Tiger is still fairly enjoyable though, it gets anĀ 8.5 out of 10.