Straight Forward Reviews : Infinite Seven # 2

Writer – Dave Dwonch

Artist – Arturo Mesa

Publisher – Action Lab Danger Zone

Review by Jeremias de Leon


Things take a breather after the crazy events of issue one. We get to learn about the history behind the Infinite Seven and how to become one. We also see that the main character still has to prove his worth.

This issue still has plenty of action but it’s pacing has slowed down which is appropriate. There has to be rules to be laid down and the world should be built some more and this this is the perfect time to do it.


The sketchy style of this series still looks great. Of particular interest are the angles the “camera” sets on during important moments. It makes those panels stand out even more to the reader and drives home that the scene is important. 


Infinite Seven has paced itself well so far. The world is set in is shown to be very interesting and on top of all that there’s great action, and art. The whole thing is as much a treat for the eyes as the first issue, even when the action slows down. Infinite Seven # 2 gets a 9.5 out of 10