Straight Forward Reviews : A&A Archer and Armstrong # 12

Writer – Rafer Roberts

Artist (pencils) – Mike Norton

Publisher – Valiant 

Review by Jeremias de Leon


Archer, Armstrong and Gub Gub team up with Andromeda in hopes of returning Archer and Gub Gub’s minds in to their proper bodies. Archer and Armstrong have to contend with their old enemies the 1% and a soviet scientist with his crew which includes a talking bear.

This story has a lot of action in it and in true Archer and Armstrong fashion, plenty of weirdness, one liners and hints at a bigger, badder enemy to face.


Since this book has a lot of action it’s important for the art to convey a sense of motion, impact and fluidity. The art in this issue nail all three. The characters look on model throughout as well. All in all it’s a treat for the eyes. 


For the ending of an arc, A&A pulls out all the stops. As mentioned before there’s tons of action and comedy. There’s also the hint of a bigger possible enemy and an extended epilogue that is heartwarming as it is weird and funny.  Weird and funny should be expected by now for this series however. There is also some revelations regarding other characters which makes you wonder what they’re going to do in the future. The entire comic was an outstanding, and entertaining, joy to read. A&A The Adventures of Archer and Armstrong # 12 earns a 10 out of 10