Straight Forward Reviews – Vampblade ’98 # 1

Writer – Jason Martin

Artist(s) – Arturo Louga, Winston Young, Rafael Dantas

Publisher – Action Lab Danger Zone

Review by Jeremias de Leon


For those unaware in the regular Vampblade comics, the heroine Katie, mentions reading a comic also named Vampblade starring another woman with similar powers as she wields in the current comic. This comic stars the woman who was the heroine in the comics Katie read and shows her real story.

It’s a cool throwback to the 90s and the style at the time. It’s quite a thrilling plot that goes into the beginning of the fight against the alien enemy known as the vamps.


The story takes place mostly in the 90s and the art looks reminiscent of 90s comics. On top of that the art style does switch at certain spots and it looks good as well. The main artstyle definitely works for the comic as well as it shows great action scenes and of course a good deal of sexiness.


There’s a reason I chose to review this book. It’s because I took to the fact it was set in 1998. There was something I got into ’98 even though it all began in ’94 kept on rolling in 95… Although this has nothing to do with that. It just made me nostalgic for it. OK! On to the book itself, this story is a lot of fun. It’s like a tense thriller, with high octane action and a dose of sexiness all come together. Some parts of the book’s layout felt like it didn’t read as well but the plot and art are fine. Vampblade ’98 # 1 gets a 9 out of 5.