Seraph’s Sanctions: DIVINITY III: STALINVERSE # 3

Writer: Matt Kindt
Art: Trevor Hairsine, Ryan Winn & Alison Rodrigues
Color: David Baron
Letterer: Dave Lanphear
Publisher: VALIANT ENTERTAINMENT (February 2017)

The Breakdown:

Ninjak and Harada are found out. They decide to move up their time table of convincing Abram. Yet, the truth is revealed as Abram has an unlikely reunions and has Mishka really betrayed everyone. Watch her lead the Brigade against our heroes.


The Bad:


The Moment of the Issue:

The reveal on WHO changed everything … also … the reveal on how the Stalinverse came to be.






The Good:

So. Um …. I need to eat a bit of crow. Divinity III: Stalinverse # 3 was a triple threat that will grip readers and willfully makes them not want to leave. This third issue continue the superb standards of art that Hairsine, Winn & Baron started. There really was very little difference in the way that Rodrigues inked Hairsine’s work compared to Winn. Part of me feels that is on purpose and it was a smart move, allowing readers to just feel like there was no change in art. A change in inkers can change the look and flow of a artist’s work. It does not do so here and I commend both inkers for doing a fantastic job giving Hairsine’s line work the richness it needs. The overall issue was emotional and thrilling and our team captures that beautifully with distinctively powerful line work. Hairsine’s action is raw, down and dirty … and it works. Ninjak, Harada and even Abram get into some pretty brutal action in their battle. Tension was palpable on the pages, which really help bring the weight of the issue home.

So, that crow I’m eating. It’s for Kindt. Kindt makes up for last issue’s revelation about how Ninjak and Harada are two of the only people that remember the original reality but giving readers a very plausible way for this Stalinverse Earth coming to be. It’s brilliant. It’s sci-fi like while being logical. It makes sense. And I am sorry.

The issue itself was excellent. Kindt breathly lets readers breathe this issue as it races towards it climax. Again, Kindt’s love for the characters of this universe shine, particularly for Ninjak. Both Ninjak and Harada had some strong development this issue, but the main conflict goes between our divine beings themselves. Kindt blends prespection of the world against multiple ideologies to form the reason to build the main plot of the story and it works amazingly. Abram’s own conflicts come to bear as we see how both him and Myshka have changed and why them fighting the big bad is so important. And then Kindt kindly rips the heart out of every reader with one of the best cliffhangers in comics. Ever. ┬áJust … I’m still reeling and its been days.



Divinity III: Stalinverse #3 continues to build a great story about ideologies and reality, heroes and villains and how people view things. The art is superb with the near cinematic looking panels alongside an aggressively emotional and action packed issue. There are panels here that readers will not soon forget. Kindt writes one of the best issues he’s ever written as the ground work and payoffs to his work are bearing amazing fruit. Divinity has been a slow build with each miniseries building upon the other. Here, Kindt takes a look at people’s perspectives and ideologies when based on reality and does so well. It’s not force fed. It’s natural. And with the action of a big budget movie within its pages, it is glorious.