Straight Forward Reviews : Blue Hour # 4

Writer – Dino Caruso

Artist – Chad Cicconi

Publisher – Action Lab

Review by Jeremias de Leon


Blue Hour is set in a sort of wild west type setting but out in space. What makes this stand out from other similar sci-fi is that this takes a deep look at it’s characters. Behind all the sci-fi technology and aliens there’s a tale of past mistakes and having them catch up to you.

At the cost of having deeper character interactions story, it might come at the cost of not seeing as much action as one would expect, especially after looking at the cover. However the story does is tense especially nearing the end of the issue.


The character designs are good, though a bit bland. The action, however, is great with what little straight out action there is. That’s thanks to the page layout. The panels are very well designed and make everything flow very well.


Blue Hour is very well written if a little slow. It’s a trade off to have the characters be fleshed out and so you’ll care about them more. Those who are interested thanks to what they see on the cover may be disappointed to not see as much guns and aliens as they thought. On the other hand that isn’t to say it’s devoid of those things. When it all comes together Blue Hour is a pleasant surprise and for those willing to get attached to characters it can be a great read. Blue Hour # 4 gets a 7.5 out of 10.