Seraph’s Sanctions: DIVINITY III: STALINVERSE #2

Writer: Matt Kindt
Art: Trevor Hairsine & Ryan Winn
Colors: David Baron
Letterer: Dave Lanphear
Publisher: VALIANT COMICS (January 2017)


The Breakdown:

Ninjak makes his move as one of the few who remembers the real time of the planet. Yet, Colin finds that he does have another ally besides Abram … and the two plan to spur Divinity to action. Meanwhile, Mishka is ordered by the President to destroy the rebellion alongside her Red Brigade. And the real villain behind all this is revealed.


The Bad:

The only thing that I’m having trouble grasping is how exactly Ninjak and his other ally besides Divinity remember the original timeline. It does give merit to the whole perception of reality bit a run for its money but it just feels kinda of shoehorned in.

The Moment of the Issue:

Guess who’s back honey? Oh …. and Ninjak vs. Komandar Bloodshot!

The Good:

Trevor Hairsine, Ryan Winn & David Baron’s work is simply God-tier in this book. The line work is nice, crisp with a wonderful edge to it thanks to Hairsine and Winn. The colors are perfect, really bringing out the best of Hairsine & Winn, deepen the look of this Stalinverse readers are stuck in alongside some of Valiant’s best. Hairsine definitely seems to have an affinity for drawing both Bloodshot and Ninjak. The action with their fight this issue was superb as they had a brutal dance in the snow. They both look absolutely amazing throughout their appearances in the book. Hairsine renders pages that strongly bring out the story with his line work and Winn’s inks just help make those pencils look at their best while building shadows within this dark universe that grab readers and won’t let go. The fear of being found out was palpable on Colin’s face when he met up with a certain psiot. Hairsine and Winn render wonderful panels with all kinds of people, places and things with an excitement that is visible on page with interesting perspectives on the panels and riveting designs. The Red Brigade does look like a communist team forged to defend the Soviet Union of old. And the flashback/mental sequences that tell the story of the past to catch readers who didn’t read the first two series was superb as the line work as not as detailed and seemingly looks as they were sketched. A cunning way to allow readers to both catch up and be creative with what is actually happening in the book at the same time.

Kindt, you magnificent bastard I read your book … and it was glorious. This second issue seems to do so much in so few pages. Kindt cleverly catches new readers up introducing elements to the current miniseries that prove to be vital … including the possible person behind the Stalinverse. Kindt dives deeper this issue into characterization while drawing on the mythology that he set up from the first two Divinity miniseries. From the cult that started under Abrams’ name to the events of the last miniseries playing out, Kindt begins to connect it all together, showing the importance of all 3 cosmonauts that went to space all those years ago. Kindt also continues to show his love for the universe, particular Ninjak, as Colin is teamed up with another iconic Valiant figure this issue who also remembers the original reality. It is a surprising choice, since it has been nearly a year since we last seen the character (Not going to spoil it). As the main plot looks as if it is going towards an all out war, Kindt makes sure nothing is a wasted movement throughout the book. He builds up the Red Brigade, who just return from Mars, as the next major threat our rebels will have to face without hammering it to readers. And it is clear that a confrontation from the divine beings are coming soon. The question is, what will come out of this conflict and only Kindt has that answer … for now. And that is what will keep readers coming back along with the superb writing done by Kindt.


The Verdict:

Divinity III: Stalinverse # 2 dived into our main plot as it gives answers to some of the questions that readers have been having. Yet, it also has brought out more questions because of the answers readers received. Kindt constructs a tale about a coming war, ideologies, the passion and will to fight for the right thing and said ideologies while advancing characters at the same time with an ease that comes to people similar to breathing. Hairsine, Winn and Baron continue to bring masterful life to Kindt’s scripts with detail, beautiful & kinetic art that jumps out at readers and captivates them from the first panel to the very last. And while the reasoning behind both Ninjak and our surprise psiot remembering the original universe to be a little faulty, it does also play with the perception is reality theory. Definitely a second act worth experiencing.