Seraph’s Sanctions: DOLLFACE #1

Writer: Dan Mendoza
Art: Dan Mendoza
Color: Dan Mendoza
Letterer: Adam Wollet
Publisher: ACTION LAB: DANGER ZONE (January 2017)

The Breakdown:
It’s a packed issue as we get how Lila became the living, human-sized doll witch hunter she is today as she is fighting evil alongside Emily and Ivan. As Lila gets used to our time, she runs into a fellow creation … Zombie Tramp. It’s Janey vs. Lila, Zombie Tramp vs. Dollface on top of an origin…


The Bad:

The book just kinda stops and not really ends. Sure, I bet there will be more in the next issue, but it didn’t feel like it ended at a point that it should have.


The Moment of the Issue:

Hands down … the battle between Lila & Janey is worth the price of the book alone.


The Good:

Mendoza has done a lot over the years. He has worked on Zombie Tramp. He kicked started this little darning. And it is now interesting to see more out of the universe shared by Zombie Tramp, Vampblade and, now, Dollface. Mendoza does write a solid first issue. Lila is an interesting lead character. She’s out of time. She’s been put into the body of a human sized sex toy. It’s creepy, yet Lila’s personality makes it refreshing. She may look like a sex object, but there is a good innocence about her. She definitely is about her business, but she is also interesting in the world as it lives now. The fact that she’s out of time doesn’t freak her out is a great attitude. She isn’t depressed … or seemingly not depressed. Lila is adjusting to her new body and powers with wonder. It’s fun. And that kind of fun is one of the biggest charms of the book. Lila is engaging cause she wants to learn but is no nonsense when it comes to business. Ivan in pervy and savvy while Emily is snarky and intelligent. The trio is a solid group. Mendoza pens wonderful chemistry between the trio that is reminiscent of Buffy, Xander & Willow with his own spin. Mendoza gives us an idea of what Dollface is going to do while giving us some fan service by having Dollface face his other major creation, Zombie Tramp. ¬†Janey fit in well, but Mendoza did a good job of making sure she felt like a guest star and not overpower the main cast.

Artistically, Mendoza changed up his style slightly. Mendoza’s line work is a bit more clean here. It’s still well detailed. Mendoza’s art is powerful, giving wonderful perspectives. The action in the book is brutal & kinetic, hitting readers in the face. The backgrounds limited, but Mendoza does a good job of making background not that important. He gives enough to set up the scene then let’s the characters take over through action and expression. And boy … Mendoza still renders some of the best expressions in the industry. Sheer anger to unrefined terror, Mendoza does it all well. Mendoza continues to make compelling art with his exciting, unique style.


The Verdict:

Dollface #1 is a fun ride. The opening issue gives us a good introduction of our main heroine, her supporting cast, hints at the premise of the book and gives us an origin. Mendoza does a lot of superb art this issue, including a fantastic fight between Lila and Janey. The issue does do a lot within its pages and the origin is interesting, with its sexual tones, but add the supernatural and a connection to events within Zombie Tramp makes this book feel like a part of a large tapestry while working on its own identity. The story just seems to cut off and not really end, which hurts it a little, but not a bad beginning.