Seraph’s Sanctions: Harbinger Renegades # 3

Writer: Rafer Roberts
Art: Darick Robertson, Richard Clark & Juan Jose Ryp
Colors: Diego Rodriguez & Brian Reber
Letterer: Dave Lanphear
Publisher: VALIANT COMICS (January 2017) 


The Breakdown:

The Renegades unite after the beating Torque took last issue. Kris decides she needs to do something after they meet with Torque, much to Tamara’s dismay. Peter has returned, detoxed from his time in space. Now, Kris leads Faith and Peter into a meeting with the Consortium … and into the arms of Alexander Solomon.

The Bad:

Nothing bad here.


The Moment of the Issue:

Seeing Peter back and being quite badass … also knowing that he’s clean.

The Good:

This issue was just a fun explosion of characters, art and blood. An odd but accurate sentence as Ryp does a phenomenal job of bringing us more of the past of the man we know as Alexander Soloman. The detailed work was great as Ryp’s line work was a little different here. It captured the tone of the past while giving us some gruesome details of how Alexander got to the point where he is now. The clean line work really shined amongst the detail.

Robertson’s work was sheer brilliant here. There were a lot of great perspectives and some powerful moments that just grab readers by the face and not let go. The expressive line work isn’t overly detailed, but still very crisp. Robertson’s unique style has always had a very clean look to it, even with the gorier stuff. Yet, there’s a sophistication here alongside the inks of Clark that just make every panel they work on look stunning. Peter’s return hit the right emotional pay off partially cause of how well Robertson & Clark rendered him. Every emotional beat of the characters was hit dead on, really showing the depths of the characters emotions and his artistic prowess.  It is only enhanced by Clark’s sharp inks and the excellent color work by Rodriguez & Reber. These two colors make every page even more outstanding, lush and vivid.

Roberts pens a mighty fine issue, full of development. There’s main plot development as we are starting to see Alexander Solomon’s plans take firm shape. We see character development for Kris, Jay, @X, Peter and Tamara. It is funny but it feels as if Kris has become the undisputed leader of the Renegades this time around. She certainly was the brains before, but it is clear that she’s taking a lead because of her own personal feelings of what happened and her guilt over it. Peter clearly is still hurting, but Roberts definitely shows that Peter has journeyed to sobriety has changed him. Themes on teen rebellion to responsible adult fit the gambit here as the Renegades … the majority of them anyway, are taking responsibility for their actions. Growing up and facing what you have done, your own sins … is hard for any person. Roberts capture this and the state of growing up perfectly with the differences among the Renegades and even Jay, who is still trying to figure out his own way. The dialogue feels and reads authentically and the characters just feel so real in this world that is just a bit more crazier than our own. Truly superb scripting.


The Verdict:

Harbinger Renegades # 3 does a great job of advancing storylines and characters while dealing with themes that anyone can relate to. It’s about making a mess and facing the consequences. It’s about the transition from the mistakes of youth to the responsibility of adult hood. It is also about a crazy, pretenious psiot with his own plans for the world. And all those are weaved well thanks to Roberts’ exquisite penning. The art is truly stunning as Robertson gives it his all with the great inking by Clark alongside the art by Ryp create an interesting issue that sets up the selling point of Alexander Solomon and the mission statement of the series. The panel work really draws readers in and the writer will grip them.