1st Impressions: X-O Manowar # 24

Written by Robert Venditti
Art by Diego Bernard, Alison Rodriguez & Brian Reber
Valiant Comics


                This issue went by fast with great action and ground work as Aric faces off against Malgam. After his battle, we get more of Aric’s current status quo.


                Diego Bernard and Alison Rodriguez do a beautiful job this issue. The panels are crisp with solid art, great inking and good perspectives. We open the issue with some good action as Aric takes on Malgam. Bernard and Rodriguez gives us a grand battle. Then, later on, when things get quiet at the second half of the issue. From Aric talking with Colonel Capshaw to his camp in Nebraska, Bernard and Rodriguez do a wonderful job showing us the quieter moments, drawing good emotion and great backgrounds.  Just the look on Aric’s face on the facet was priceless and really shows the skill this team has. Reber delievers some of his best colors yet, making Bernard and Rodriguez’s work look even more amazing and vibrant. A beautiful drawn issue. Bernard will be one of the biggest names in comics if he keeps this up.


                Venditti gives us a great, balanced issue between action and character development. The fight with Malgam goes as long as it needs to, with leaving Aric with enough mysteries to search out.  Yet, Venditti also does a great job giving us enough of a prelude to Armor Hunters at the end there with some members of that team. Giving us hints to what will come without completely spoiling it, I give Venditti kudos for that. Plus, the scene between Aric and Saana in their tent was one of the most powerful scenes in this series yet. Venditti makes the reader remember to not take things for granted … like water and the reactions by both characters really carried along the point that Aric loves his people more than anything.
                The dialogue was good and the pacing was great. Overall, Venditti proves himself among the best writers in the business now with this issue. 


                A well written, beautifully drawn issue that both hints at what’s to come while still giving us development and beauty.  A great issue.


                I give X-O Manowar # 24 a 9 … out of 10. Pick it up Wednesday!