Writers: Joshua Hal Fialkov & J.T. Krul
Art: Jordan Gunderson, Mark Roslan & Gabe Carrasco
Colors: Peter Steigerwald
Letterer: Josh Reed:
Publisher: ASPEN COMICS (Dec 2016)

The Breakdown:
As Aspen sees the consequences of her actions from last issue, Malikai faces Halazeel in a climatic battle in which winner takes all … including the Aspen Universe and NOTHING WILL EVER BE THE SAME … For Realsies.

The Bad:
The thing that hurts this issue is the pacing and how overall breezy it reads through. Maybe it is just the hard wire of decades of being a comic book fan (been reading comics for over 25 years now), but this finale just read a bit too fast for me. And I think the overall quick pace of the finale hinders the book and the story overall.  It’s not that it is badly written. It’s very well written. Just the overall pacing and how the issue was framed overall … kind of makes the ending feel too face for the importance and epic that it was.


The Moment of the Issue:

MVP is Aspen. She was absolutely amazing here.  Especially when dealing with Grace.

The Good:
This was an artistic wonder. Gunderson, Roslan, Carassco & Steigerwald clearly put their heart and soul into this piece artistically. Gunderson’s clean and detailed work is stellar here, creating cinematic panels that are worth of being posters or art pieces in a museum. There’s a lot of fair in this issue and clearly, Roslan and Carassco give their best to bring out Gunderson’s line work in awe-inspiring reality. The characters look brilliant with superb posturing and palpable emotion that will not be denied once readers gaze upon it. The detail in the backgrounds was well done, even when there’s little in the background itself. The shades and color complete this work of masterful art as the final battle and overall change of the Aspen Universe was rendered beautifully.

Fialkov and Krul wrap up the miniseries well. After tying up Aspen’s long Blue & human conflict last issue, the writers go all in for the final battle for reality against Halazeel and Grace. Both writers do a great job of tie up the character arcs and the main story to an end here as the final battle has multiple casualties. It definitely didn’t go as I and most readers expected and that is a good thing. The stakes could  not be much higher and Fialkov & Krul makes sure to capitalize on that fact and how important Aspen and Malikai. And that is probably the best thing about this issue and the series as a whole … the true push of Aspen and Malikai as the iconic characters that Aspen have … and will need with the new universe about.  I appreciate that there are threads to the new series and hints about the changes in the new Aspen Universe. The narrative is strong, carrying throughout the entire issue to lure readers to the end of one era and the beginning of the new one.

The Verdict:
Aspen Universe: Revelations # 5 is a good ending to the universe changing series. It does a wonderful job of linking the Aspen Universe. The writers do an amazing job of ascending Aspen and Malikai to icon status throughout the series, and especially do so here. The art is particularly superb by Gunderson, Roslan, Carassco and Steigerwald as they make this epic finale look as ominous, amazing and huge as its supposed to be. And while the majority of the writing is solid and good, the pacing of this final issue and final battle was just a bit too fast for a finale. If the issue had been a few more pages to almost double sized would have definitely made the final battle a bit more epic. While the overall fight was good, I felt it being longer a certain points … particular Malikai vs. Halazeel round 1, Grace vs Aspen and the final battle …. yeah … the final battle takes up the majority of the issue … and while the characterizations are good, there’s a lot of great character work, but it just feels that the final battle just didn’t have the room to breathe. Otherwise, it was still a solid ending to a wonderful miniseries that changes everything.