Seraph’s Sanctions: VORACIOUS: FEEDING TIME #1

Writer: Markisan Naso
Art: Jason Muhr
Colors: Andrei Tabacaru
Letterer: Jason Muhr
Publisher: ACTION LAB: DANGER ZONE (December 2016)



The Breakdown:
People are disappearing. Gus has been having a hard time coping with this missing person’s case because now … his wife has joined a number of people who have just disappeared. Yet, Gus and his partner, Owen, decide to start digging through all the information they can to help Gus find his wife when a member of the Feds shows up and offers the detectives a way to find the missing people … a time machine. Oh by the way … these people are all bi-pedal dinosaurs. Yup. Gus and Owen. Dinosaurs. With hover cars. And time travel.


The Bad:

Honestly, there wasn’t anything bad.

The Moment of the Issue:
The entire issue was a succession of “what the fuck” moments in the absolute best way possible. But if I really have to narrow it down to one thing … it was the revelation behind the cause of the disappearances and how it ties together with the original series.

The Good:

I think my brain has broke. I think this book has literally broke me. This book is magic. From the art to the story and characters, Naso, Muhr and Tabacaru create a masterful first issue. Muhr and Tabacaru use exquisite line and color work. The humanoid Dinosaurs by Muhr are detailed and full of emotion. Muhr gives Gus, Owen and more their own body language that readers can feel from their pages. Muhr and Tabacaru create a whole new world where Dinosaurs evolve, and do an amazing job of establishing the look and feel of this universe. It is like ours but a bit more advanced and dinosaur people. Muhr’s panel work is creative and captivating, always doing something a little different to grip the eyes of the readers. The clean line work is very pleasing while the colors are vivid and bring the best out of Muhr’s work. Truly masterful.

Naso is a glorious bastard for penning an issue that does so much with so little. At first, I thought that the division between the first series and this would hamper the story. Yet, Naso seemingly decided that he is clairvoyant enough to know I and some other readers would think that … then proceeds to prove us wrong. The introductions of our new characters in Gus and Owen as well as the plotlines that weave the last series into this one as well as the main focus of this series are penned perfectly. People who didn’t read the last miniseries, do not fear as Naso makes this first issue extremely accessible. The first series is NOT required reading, but presents more depth. Naso easily breathes life into Gus and Owen well, making them feel like full characters within moments of their introductions. Gus’s passionate, driven focus is a great foil for Owen’s smartass, inquisitive nature. Naso weaves in the main plot seamlessly as he adds plenty of mystery and sci-fi elements into the story that make the issue feel weighty while still being fun and gripping. And the cliffhanger was just perfect.

The Verdict:

Few things I have read, comics and otherwise, have kicked off in a captivating and brilliant manner. Naso weaves multiple story elements while presenting us superb characters. The characters are relatable, even with the sci-fi elements. While the main storyline definitely seems to be a bit more weighty, it doesn’t feel convoluted and there is definitely a tension that is left this issue about time being of the essence. The sequential art is truly powerful, showing that Muhr and Tabacaru really want this to be a comic book masterpiece. And it really is. Voracious: Feeding Time # 1 adds so much to what happened to the last series while doing its own thing so naturally and easily that it will blow readers away. A sci-fi thriller of epic proportions, the characters are what make the story and Naso, Muhr and Tabacaru show you that in spades in this first entry. This is one of the best first issues of anything I have ever read.