41st Super Sentai Team Kyuuranger Kicks Off With 9 Members

Early this weekend, one of the reveals came from Toei and Bandai as they unveiled the suits for the upcoming 41st Super Sentai series, Uchuu Sentai Kyuuranger.  The team’s theme this year will revolve around the constellations and, for the first time, will start out with 9 members, as opposed to the 3, 4 or 5 member team when a series begins. No news as of yet on the villains, but we do have more on the team itself.

The power of the Kyuurangers and the collectible gimmick that is coming with them are spheres called Kyutama. These sphere will have symbols that represent a particular constellation as well as help summon their mechs, called Voyagers.  The team itself will consist of:
 Shishi Red
Ookami Blue
Kajiki Yellow
Chameleon Green
Washi Pink
Oushi Black
Sasori Orange
Hebitsukai Silver
Tenbin Gold

The constellations will include Lion for Red, Wolf for Blue, Swordfish for Yellow, Chamelon for Green, Eagle for Pink, Taurus for Black, Scorpio for Orange, Ophiuchus for Silver and Libra for Gold. (Libra ride in GOLD!!!). The team will form their first mecha, Kyurenoh, with Red, Blue, Yellow, Green & Black. Shishi Voyager, Ookami Voyager, Kajiki Voyager, Oushi Voyager & Chameleon Voyager are all parts of Kyurenoh.  The other 4 members will also have mechas which can be interchangible limbs. They will eventually be additional mecha combinations and rumors of more members have also arisen.  The team’s transformation device is the Seiza Blaster, that can be accessed by the Kyutama and has 6 different modes. The toy uncatalogued for the first set of toys, featuring all 9 members, has been released this weekend as well. More details to follow.

Sources: Heroshock & Hero-club