Seraph’s Sanctions: HERALD: LOVECRAFT & TELSA # 9

Writer: John Reilly
Art: Tom Rogers
Colors: Dexter Weeks
Letterer: Dexter Weeks
Publisher: ACTION LAB ENTERTAINMENT (November 2016) 

The Breakdown:

Howard and Harry get caught, to be taken to Sean Breag’s little underground ceremony … that involves people begin brought together … literally. Meanwhile, Telsa gets some help in finding and rescuing Howard and Harry … in the form of Howard’s ex-wife, Sonia.

The Bad:

The perspectives when the panel work is from afar a either a hit or miss. The mystery behind why the ceremony didn’t work is also peculiar. It wasn’t explained. And while there are definitely seeds to go back to that … the ending felt a little incomplete without the explanation as to why the ‘merging’ didn’t work.

unnamed-68unnamed-69unnamed-70The Moment of the Issue:

The simple joy of seeing Telsa and Sonia have some fun with their weapons.

The Good:

Reilly does a good job at finishing up “Tying the Knot” with some great character moments and a daring rescue. Reilly ties together the previous issues plots well here while doing a great job of advancing character for Lovecraft, Houdini, Tesla, Earhart and, now, Sonia. Sonia is a spitfire and I love the chemistry and non-chemistry that Howard and she have. There’s clearly something there, but Howard isn’t for it and Sonia is clearly is… but with her own rules attached to it. It presents us another layer to Howard that keeps the character interesting and shows readers a different side of himself. Also, the one page with Amelia was superb character development for her. She’s lost in another dimension, but her feelings of flying shows a lot about her and about love and regret. Reilly also does a perfect job with pacing this issue. Nothing felt like it was too little or too long. Every scene within the book moves through almost seamlessly.

Rogers’ pencils continue to evolve. Rogers’ style might not be something some readers aren’t use to, but there is definitely a good energy of it. Rogers clearly enjoys what he’s rendering as we can see with the different perspectives and unique touches of detail here and there. Not just with the look of the characters, but also the backgrounds and objects … making them match up with the time period.  The pencils some a bit blocky, but Rogers does smooth things off with his character renders. Meanwhile, Weeks’ colors are excellent. They capture the mood scene perfectly, bring out the best of Rogers’ pencils. They are vivid in all the right pages and darken a little depending on where the characters are. A good job.

The Verdict:

Herald: Lovecraft & Tesla # 9 continues to be an entertaining romp into the mystical and mysterious using historical figures right. The issue has wonderful character development, pacing and solid art. The personalities of our main characters are engaging and entertaining, making readers feel invested in them as well feel relatable. While far away shots don’t seem to be Rogers’ cup of tea from time to time and the ending does feel a little hollow, Reilly’s promise of more to come does keep the book from taking a nosedive. A fun read.