Fighter xaos is now on Hero Club!

Hello everyone! I’ve got an exciting announcement for you guys. If you guys don’t know I’m Jeremias de Leon aka Fighter xaos the Vice President of Broken Infinite. I’m here to announce that I am now on Hero Club! I just made my announcement there and now I’m breaking the news here. You see, Hero Club is invading Broken Infinite and I’m heading the invasion charge! Ha ha ha!

Even Ms Molly, Broken Infinite’s mascot character (yes we have a mascot) is showing her allegiance to Hero Club! mollyheroclubsmallerforbi

What does this mean? This means that while I’m posting reviews and videos here. I’ll be posting “Hero Club related” editorials and countdowns there. Podcasts and our annual E3 and VGA streams will be a joint effort. Meaning you might see people from both sites in our videos and streams.