RVT Entertainment Joins Broken Infinite

Orlando, FL – Well, folks. Change has been a coming for a long time. All things change. Evolve. Welcome to the next evolution of both RVT Entertainment and the Broken Infinite. Originally announced on Sunday in Ustream this past weekend, the members of RVT Entertainment have now officially joined Broken Infinite.com, effective as of this past Saturday Night. The group has long had online content from such members as EZ Rider, Matty Jay, TWK, The Shades, Yamiangie and more. This week, the group will be integrating its content within the site and it is an exciting time for everyone.

Broken Infinite founder and owner Frankie Rodriguez commented on the group’s joining the site. “I’m very excited about RVT being part of the site. They have so much to show to people and do so all the time. Oddly enough, TWK has been part of the site for years, as has EZ Rider. And Wrestlecast with Matty J and TWK joined us some time ago. So, this seemed like a natural evolution. We’re very happy to be working together and just wait to see what we got planned next.”

RVT Entertainment wide selection of programs, streams and more will become part of Broken Infinite, including The Rising Sun Podcast, Riffdown, RVT Game Crew, Journey to the Ninth World, Ranger Recap, Toku Riffs live and so much more. The group will be part of Broken Infinite, yet still retain usage of the RVT name as they see fit,as part of the deal brokered between RVT heads John Tague, Matt Jodouin & E.Z. Peterson and BI founder/owner, Frankie Rodriguez. The group will gain full access to Broken Infinite and the site will display, advertise and share any previous and new RVT content as part of the merger.  Expect plenty of these as well as individual content from the creators to make rounds on Broken Infinite soon, including surprises from the recent Power Ranger convention, Rangerstop, which Rodriguez admits is where this all came together.

“I have known these guys, talked to these guys for years. Started as a fan, became friends with many of them. We’ve hung out at Rangerstop before and this year … we talked about getting together for a few projects to be announced later. It just hit us. Have RVT become part of Broken Infinite. And the rest … as they say, is history.”

As stated earlier, the merger was effective on Saturday.
“Strap yourselves in, ladies and gentlemen. The best. is yet. to come. “