Seraph’s Sanctions: ACTION LAB: DOG OF WONDER #4

Writers: Vito Delsante & Scott Fogg
Art: Reilly Leeds
Colors: Reilly Leeds
Letterers: Full Court Press
Publisher: ACTION LAB ENTERTAINMENT (November 2016)

The Breakdown:

Percy helps deliver Ben to his new home as the missing dogs increase in the area. Yet, Percy has a different issue as someone comes a knocking with possibly knowing his heroic identity. Meanwhile, the team finds a dog who was running … needing to find Action Lab because this dog has a key to finding the missing dogs.

The Bad:

The book is pretty solid. We opened with a decent new character. While I know that Percy is the start, I would have liked a little more of our new speedsters dog. Yet, that is it.

Moment of the Issue:

The reveal of who is behind the dog nappings … and how they have control.

The Good:

Delsante and Fogg do a superb job with building the issue. There were a lot of things going on, but Fogg and Delsante do a good job with juggling the different plotlines going at the same time. Between Percy keeping his identity secret, the mysterious machinations of Cordelia, the intro to our new dog, the new dog gives background on his/her character; all joggled well and with care.  And while I did have a gripe of not having too much on our new dog, Delsante and Fogg really do a good job making that character feel real. We get  enough personality, history and dialogue in order to get a feel for our new character.
Our writers do a good job pacing, as there are a lot of working parts that they give just the right amount of time on each. Nothing felt that it went too long. Plus, we get some good character development for most of the characters in the book, including Percy. Delsante and Fogg make it a point to show that while Percy is a capable hero, he’s not perfect, making him even more relatable. And they did a bang up job of giving us a scenerio we might not have guessed at at first and leaving readers with a strong cliffhanger.

Leeds pencils and colors definitely work for the issue. The backgrounds are rendered well, with good detail to allow readers to get sucked into the world of Action Lab: Dog of Wonder. Leeds pencils and inks are heavy, but definitely work. The style is simple, clean … kind of a cross between web comic art with some animation influence in there. Leeds does a great job with giving or characters, dogs and humans, expression well.



The Verdict:

Action Lab: Dog of Wonder # 4 was a solid issue. It opened the first part of a two part story that introduces a new character with a interesting backstory while advancing our hero and a main plot point with east. Leeds art is good; a bit different bu still very good.  The writer is quite strong, with the only real mistep is not having more on our new speedster dog. Dog of Wonder continues to be fun for everybody, letting the action and art keep the children’t eyes glued while the story holds on to readers. A solid issue.