Action Lab Entertainment Books For 11/02/2016

New Releases for the week of November 2nd, 2016s

E: Appropriate for everyone
A: Appropriate for ages 9 and up
T: For readers ages 12 and up
T+: For older teen readers and adults
M: Mature readers 18+


Writer(s): Vito Delsante and Scott Fogg
Artist Name(s): Reilly Leeds

Cover Artist(s): Reilly Leeds (COVER A), Jay Peteranetz (COVER B)

NEW STORY ARC! NEW ARTIST! Percy and the Action Lab League are on the case as a new dog enters their lives as they continue their search for the dogs that have gone missing in Canaan City. And it looks like Percy’s secret has been revealed…to two unlikely characters. Join us as we welcome Reilly Leeds on as new regular series artist!

32 pgs./ E / FC                   $3.99 (reg.), $4.99 (var.)


What people are saying about Action Lab: Dog of Wonder:

“Read it to your younger sibling, your dog, or just read it yourself and find a ray of hope in the smile of Action Lab himself and his selfless pursuit of helping dogs, who have been neglected by their owners even if it goes against the letter of the law.” (PopOptiq)

“I would recommend this for people looking for a light-hearted romp, and those who want something a little different from the usual superhero stuff.”
(A Place to Hang Your Cape)

With the right amount of humour and a very believable story, I cannot wait for the next instalment of Action Lab: Dog of Wonder! Hopefully it comes sooner rather than later!” (Other Worlds Than These)


Writer(s):  Susan Beneville
Artist Name(s): Brian Hess
Cover Artist(s): Brian Hess

Irresponsible Picar must ditch his devil-may-care attitude when his little sister, Regn, and best friend, Chay, are captured by the Baron.  Fortunately, he has a few tricks up his sleeve and several new friends to help him mount a daring rescue.  One can only hope he won’t be betrayed again.

32 pgs./ E / FC                   $3.99

What people are saying about Awake:

“Cute, quirky, and full of heart, “Awake” is a book that proves good storytelling knows no age limits.” (Multiversity Comics)

“Beneville and Hess create a bold new book with innovative concept with a solid story and beautiful art.” (The Broken Infinite)

“It’s hard to find or even create a comic that all ages could possibly like and Awake has done it profoundly.” (Graphic Policy)

Writer(s): Alex Kain
Artist Name(s): Rachel Bennett
Cover Artist(s): Rachel Bennett

As conflict looms between ancient enemies, the fragile truce that held civilization together has begun to unravel. A small peace envoy travels north to prevent war, while a ragtag army of rebels marches south to create it. Experience the latest chapter of this all-ages fantasy saga in its second collected volume!

96 pgs./ A / FC                   $9.99

What people are saying about Beyond the Western Deep:

“If Games of Thrones was reimagined as a Disney film, this would be the result.”
(A Place to Hang Your Cape)

“Young readers who haven’t yet discovered other iterations of the story will enjoy it—and any animal-based fantasy lover will gobble it up.” (School Library Journal)

“…the first collected volume of this webcomic introduces a surprisingly deep world that evokes some of the goodness of Redwall.” (Comic Bastards)