Straight Forward Reviews : Vampblade # 9

unnamed-2Writer – Jason Martin

Artist (pen
cils) – Winston Young

Publisher – Action Lab

Review by Jeremias de Leon


After the events of Zombie Tramp vs Vampblade, Katie wants to find the person she believes that knows about the Vampblades. She also goes about switching her costume. Much of the fun in the beginning of the issue is just seeing the different outfits Katie switches into. You’ll definitely see outfits you recognize, especially since Katie is a comic nerd herself and she wants to see how she’ll look in some of these outfits.

This is a comic that definitely tries to pump some life and fun into reading a comic. Katie’s dialog certainly keeps with that notion. On top of that there’s also some great action sequences that leads into something that definitely makes you want to pick up the next issue.


The art definitely shines during the action scenes. Winston Young seems right at home with action, there wasn’t a single part of it that seemed off kilter. There was also great detail in the environments as well, especially noticeable during the beginning of the comic.vampblade_9-digital-7


Vampblade is a rollicking read and definitely worth the time for those who want to read something that hearkens back to action cartoons and comics of yesteryear but with a modern twist. I give Vampblade # 9 a 9 out of 10