Riff Table Arcade (Episode 49) – Nintendo Switch Roundtable Discussion [Part 1/2]

After months of the Nintendo NX being speculated, rumored, and even unknown to the masses since January 2015 by the late Satoru Iwata, we now have a clear indication of where Nintendo is going next with their home consoles. Thus, we are introduced to the Nintendo Switch; a hybrid console between a home and portable platform! While we have not received all the details about the console, the release date, or launch games for the new device, we did get a ton of other things mentioned like the look of the console, the games that are confirmed and unconfirmed, a huge list of third-party support, and some of the Nintendo Switch’s functionalities. Join RRPG, FighterXaos, Carlioo41, and TheBadGamer as they undergo the first part of a 2-part discussion that lasted for nearly 3 hours! We hope you enjoy it as we first talk about what the Nintendo Switch is, the controllers it will use, and the third-party companies on board with the new platform. Enjoy as it is a great, firecracker show we put on for all of you!

Nintendo Switch First Look Trailer

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