Riff Table Arcade (Episode 48) – Farewell, Stuttering Craig from ScrewAttack!

The end of an era, for sure! The last, founding father of ScrewAttack.com, Craig Skistimas, has left the brand within Roosterteeth and started a new one within them; Game Attack. Since ScrewAttack was a prevalent name to the gaming community and retro junkies alike for the last 10 years, FighterXaos and RRPG along with Omegamario17 reflect back at the brand’s history, our favorite and least favorite things that came out of them within their 10-year life, and where we see both it and Game Attack within the next 10 years. ScrewAttack was the true definition of where the gaming community could get together and be united with bringing about more exposure to not only ScrewAttack, but amongst themselves; that was until they were bought out by Fullscreen, Inc. and fully absorbed into the Roosterteeth family to where everything they do was more about the money instead of its original vision. Join us for Episode 48 of the Riff Table Arcade as we reminisce about ScrewAttack.com as well as delivering our final farewell to Stuttering Craig while we have footage of ReCore in the video! Enjoy!

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