Hero Club Invansion: Star Wars Rogue One 3.75 Inch Tie Striker Vehicle Review

Hello Broken Infinite, this is Darkon633 and I am here to bring you a video review.  Late last month a special event took place at Toys-R-Us known as Force Friday or also known as Rogue Friday.  Today we will be looking at one of the items I got during the event, the 3.75 Inch Tie Striker with Tie Fighter Pilot.

It is amazing how much Hasbro’s QC team has picked up for the the main Star Wars line since it seems like many of the shortcomings I personally dealt with during Force Awakens isn’t present as much with the Rogue One line. First, the main problems with the vehicle plastic quality in the past doesn’t seems to be an issue with the Tie Striker. The wings feel much more solid and I especially love the fact it can store the pilot’s blaster with no issue unlike what I had to deal with the Force Awakens Tie Fighter. While I personally understood the issues with that vehicle quality wise I believe that Hasbro has at least learned something from the experiences from their customers. Overall this is pretty decent for a $40 vehicle and I am enjoying the final product much better than the experience I had with the FA Tie Fighter. I forgot to mention I got this during the Force Friday event at Toysrus.

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