Seraph’s Sanctions: Super Human Resources Vol. 2 TPB Review

Writer: Ken Marcus
Art: Armando Zanker
Color: Armando Zanker
Letterer: Brant Fowler
Publisher: ACTION LAB ENTERTAINMENT (October 2016)


The Breakdown:
Tim’s save at the end of the first volume makes him a big target in this volume by the Evil Alliance. So much so that they capture Tim … and Devastor decides to do something worse than kill him … Meanwhile, Plasmarella deals with her parents forcing an arranged marriage to a douchey prince in order to prevent an intergalactic war.

super_human_resources_v2_tpb_digital-3 The Bad:

The only real misstep is the feeling of Plasmarella’s dad having his change the heart. It was sudden … but felt too sudden without a single hint of his switch over.

Moment of the Issue:
There’s a score of hilarious moments of but Tim’s reaction to his reconciling Devastor & Devanessa’s relationship was definitely a joy to see…. and Plasmarella & her dad teaming together were definitely my favorites.


The Good:

Zanker’s art is solid throughout the miniseries. It is a bit different from Bleep’s art of the first volume, but does a great job of conveying emotion well, giving us detailed background and switch from serious moments to slapstick extremely well. The cartoony style really works for the book, makinsuper_human_resources_v2_tpb_digital-5g some of the panels feel almost stills of animation at a few points. The colors were great, really capturing mood well and made everyone look so very animated. It is great to see the contrast visually between SCI and the Evil Alliance. Not just by their costumes, but how both operations are based and overall atmosphere.  From Tim’s escape attempt with a jetpack to Plasmarella dealing with her parents as they push this marriage there to the final battle, Zanker has an energy to his pencils and colors that really capture people.

Marcus does it again. Mixing both comedy with action and interesting plot, Marcus pens a hilarious and fun ride. Marcus does a bit more this time as he splits focus between both our heroes and villains this time around. Marcus splits the focus rather evenly, having Tim be our main perspective on the villains while Plasmarella be the main focus on the heroes. Marcus juggles the large amount of characters with ease. While the other heroes and villains are more or less supporting characters, Marcus gives them all enough characterization to make them distinct. We certainly know more of our villains as we got to know more of Devastator, Devanessa and the rest of the Evil Alliance.  The over all plots weaved themselves well and Marcus does a great job of making the humor funny and relatable.


The Final Verdict:

Super Human Resources Vol. 2 was a fun, funny and interesting rump. While definitely building on the relationships of fathers and daughters throughout the story, Marcus also showed us how similar and different the heroes and villains are. Zanker’s cartoony style really works for the story and is sharp. And while the change of heart of Plasmarella’s father seemed last minute, the over all story has been a lot of fun. You want a book to make your day and make you feel good, this is the book for you.