NYCC 2016: Action Lab Exclusives

Here’s a listing of all the sweet swag from Action Lab & Action Lab: Danger Zone during NYCC 2016. Take a gander and pick out what you like.

Limited edition comics are available for purchase while supplies last.

PITTSBURGH P.A- Action Lab Entertainment will be exhibiting several limited edition New York Comic Con exclusives at Booth 3044.

ADVENTURES IN CRIME #1 (Limited to 300 copies)
Cover Artist: Holt Silva

In 1930s New York, aspiring comics creator JACK LEVI places his life and career on the line when he enters into a secret love affair with the femme fatale mistress of his mob boss benefactor.

Price: $10

THE ADVENTURES OF MIRU #1 (Limited to 100 copies)
Cover Artist: Ben BishopMiru the dragon crashes on Gaia-a realm where dragons no longer exist-and swiftly becomes the most wanted creature around. Without a memory, a past, or an inkling why he’s here, he and his new allies begin a journey that holds the key to the survival of all realities.

Price $10

AMERIKARATE #1 (Limited to 280 copies)
Cover Artist: Devin Roth

AmeriKarate is an ongoing comic book series written & created by Brockton McKinney (Gingerdead Man) and Corey Kalman with art by Bob’s Burgers character designer, Devin Roth. AmeriKarate is the story of Sam, a war hero who wants to lead a normal life, but is thrust into protecting America from an evil ninja invasion. When he meets a fellow karate fanatic in the form of CIA agent Cynthia Weaver, the sparks fly as fast as the karate kicks as the two join up to take down evil.

Price: $10

BLOOD & DUST #1 (Limited to 30 copies)
Cover Artist: Roy Allan Martinez

Judd Glenny is the first American vampire, once he terrorized the West as its most fearsome predator, but for more than 40 years now he’s spent his days in peace, reduced to little more than babysitter for his own vampire offspring. But when the evil that lives in the swamp surrounding the small backwater town he calls home gets ahold of one of Judd’s great grandkids, everything changes.

Blood & Dust mixes gothic horror with lush monstrous imagery that is sure to appeal to fans of vampires, swamp creatures and the macabre!

Price: $10

HERO CATS #13 SKETCH COVER (Limited to 200 copies)
Cover Artist: Alex Ogle will be sketching on these covers at the booth.

Hero Cats of the Apocalypse. The perfect treat for this Halloween season.

Price: $10

PUPPET MASTER: HALLOWEEN 1989 (Limited to 500 copies)
Cover Artist:
Daniel J. Logan

Halloween night, 1989. An unknown creature steps out of a long forgotten cave beneath the Bodega Bay Inn. While their master sleeps, the Puppets fight back to protect her from this mysterious intruder. Join us as the Puppets dive headfirst into another beloved subgenre: the creature feature!

Price: $10

SPENCER & LOCKE #1 (Limited to 50 copies)
Cover Artist: Joe Mulvey

Spencer & Locke is what Calvin and Hobbs would look like if it were set in a Sin City like world. This crime drama is fronted by our main character, Locke, a man deeply scared by childhood traumas. The series takes us through his investigation into the murder of his childhood sweetheart, while accompanied by Spencer, the stuffed panther Locke kept as a child.

Price: $10

VAMPBLADE #8 (Limited to 1,000 regular copies and 1,500 risqué copies)
Cover Artist: Jason Martin

Katie’s been on a rough ride of late – fighting Detroit’s toughest infected, battling Space Knights, spelunking in sewage – but things are about to get much worse for our bladed bad ass, because now her weapons are turning on herself!! It’s Vampblade versus… the Vampblades!?!
Price: $20

ZOMBIE TRAMP #28 (Limited to 1,000 regular copies and 1,500 risqué copies)
Cover Artist: Chad Chicconi

Vindictive wardens, disgraced sandwich kings, and past enemies thought to be dead. Boy, Janey sure has her hands full in this action packed conclusion of Skanks, Shanks, and Shackles.

Price: $20

ZOMBIE TRAMP HALLOWEEN 2016 (Limited to 1,000 regular copies and 1,500 risquécopies)
Cover Artist: Brian Hess

Zombie Tramp returns to celebrate the darkest holiday of the year, and she’s bringing a murderer’s row of friends and creators with her! It’s an all-new, double-sized Hallow’s Eve romp stuffed with twisted tales, murderous tricks, and tainted treats! Featuring the talents of Dan Mendoza, Jason Martin, Bill McKay, Brian Hess, and many more!

Price: $20