Straight Forward Reviews – Monty The Dinosaur # 2

montythedinosaurissue2cvrWriter – Bob Frantz

Artist – Jean Franco

Publisher – Action Lab

Review by Jeremias de Leon


This review assumes that you are a parent wondering if this comic would be a good read for your child. So, there are multiple stories in this. Like a lot of classic children’s comics and tv shows these are treated as happening within their own continuity. But considering the audience it’s aimed at it might be a good thing. It puts more focus on just enjoying the story and not wondering if say Doctor Octopus is in his own body or whatever is going on with modern comic book stories.

As for the content, there’s a dinosaur and a young girl who are unlikely friends and there’s misadventures that stem from their imaginations. No overt violence and no disturbing imagery making this safe for pretty much anyone to read.


The art from Jean Franco is very cute. The characters are designed with big usually round shapes and gives the characters a distinct charm. On top of that the colors are bright and lively.


Now this won’t give your child any helpful lessons to start a career in a STEM field but it does do something that’s also very important and encourages their imagination. It’s also charming and as stated before doesn’t have anything that would be deemed offensive. So feel safe in picking this one up and read it with your kid. I give Mony the Dinosaur # 2 a 9 out of 10