Seraph’s Sanctions: Blood & Dust: The Life and Undeath of Judd Glenny # 2

Writers: Michael R. Martin & Adam Orndorf
Art: Roy Allen Martinez
Colors: Raymund Lee
Letterer: Kel Nuttall

The Breakdowns:

Judd must face his past as it is laying havoc to the swamp and the children of town. He goes out to finish this once and for all as Judd faces this monster to save his grandson.

The Bad:
Nothing bad.

The Moment of the Issue:
The full reveal of what exactly is Judd facing.

The Good:

Martinez and Lee are magic this issue. The darker colors and the rougher style complement each other well. Martinez’s pencils and inks are robust, giving a weight to the panels that other comics don’t have. Yet, it works and works extremely well. Martinez is able to present a book with a darker tone that really captures the atmosphere well while also giving each panel strong detail. There’s a lot of superb emotional panel work that just really jumps out at readers, pulling at their emotions by just looking at them. Martinez produces strong inks for his clean lines, presenting detail that’s very crisp while also fitting the mood of the scene. Lee uses the inks and blacks to help really build an atmosphere for the books. The art is stunning, presenting a marvelous sense of character and overall development of the story through the panel work.

Martin and Orndorf does a whole lot with so little. The issue’s main problems was Judd himself and his long time rivalry with this creature. There are definitely a bunch more of development for Judd, allowing readers to get a better idea of who he and who he once was. The story is nice and tight, not feeling too out of field. There’s also wonderful tension throughout the entire issue, giving readers dread as it sets up for a surprise finish that paid off well. The dialogue and characters feel very authentic. Judd’s development is a driving force of the issue, creating greater depth for his character as well as move the story along. It’s a gritty issue that’s Martin and Orndorf do an excellent job of building with perfect pacing and amazing characterization.


The Verdict:
Blood & Dust: The Life & Undeath of Judd Glenny #2 was  a strong follow up issue. Martin and Orndorf do an amazing job with developing the main plot and character at the same time so seamlessly. There’s a particular dread that hangs throughout the entire issue, allowing characters to be a bit more vulnerable.  The art was absolutely beautiful, gritty and dark. Every panel fit the mood while the characters show great expression. This overall set up as we look at the past and the future are superb. There’s gripping emotion as Judd just wants to protect his family. Really great job.